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Do you want to get paid faster? Our collections management software, Credit Hound, automates many of your day-to-day collections management processes and is designed to pick up where Sage 50 or Sage 100 Accounting leaves off. It significantly reduces administrative tasks and instantly shows how much you’re owed and who you need to chase.

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Sage 50 and Sage 100

Credit Hound integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 100

Say Hello to

  • automated task management
  • proactive credit control
  • more available cash for your business
  • a quick return on investment
  • consistent customer communications

Say Goodbye to

  • exceeded payment terms
  • reactive debt chasing
  • time-consuming manual admin
  • debt caused by delayed payments
  • withheld money due to unresolved disputes

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  • ✓ Better cashflow
  • ✓ Improved Time Management
  • ✓ Automated payment reminders
  • ✓ Dispute management
  • ✓ Reduced debtor days
  • ✓ Quick return on investment
  • ✓ Collection paths
  • ✓ Chase screen

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